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Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage Warm Bamboo Massage

A deep full body massage applied with warmed bamboo sticks. The sticks allow me to work deeper into the muscles while the heat helps improve their flexibility. Muscles are warmed and stretched, breaking down tension and treating trigger points. A deeply relaxing treatment that can help alleviate pain and nourish the skin.

If it is your first visit you will be required to fill in a consultation form to make sure it is safe to proceed with the treatment. You will then be given a full body massage with some nourishing organic massage oil and a selection of warm bamboo sticks. A variety of deep tissue strokes are used to warm and stretch the muscles.

Anyone can experience the benefits of this treatment. If you are looking for a deeper treatment than that offered by Swedish massage, this is a good alternative. The warming effects are particularly good for promoting comfort and relaxation.

There are certain instances where it is inadvisable to have a massage, or where seeking your GPs permission before your appointment will be necessary. Please refer to the Contraindications page to see if any of your medical conditions fall within this group. This is essential to avoid disappointment at the time of your appointment as I will not be able to proceed with the treatment if you have a contraindicated condition and no written permission from your GP.
Warm bamboo massage will not be given in instances of deep vein thrombosis; oedema; hypertension; heart disease; other heart conditions; fever; infectious diseases; any condition where the client has a loss of sensation, including neuropathy or post-surgery trauma where nerves have been damaged; any disease where there is nerve damage; pregnancy (all stages); clients on prescription medication that have side effects relating to temperature changes; anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments; anyone with a depressed immune system; clients with a history of cancer, clients with burns; skin conditions aggravated by heat; and any infectious skin conditions.
Please note that this full body treatment will require the client to undress.