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Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

A relaxation massage for anyone with a history of cancer. This treatment uses gentle, sweeping strokes and a light pressure to help you relax and enjoy some much needed "me time". For anyone still undergoing cancer treatment, it can also help to manage some of the side effects, such as fatigue or nausea.

If it is your first visit you will be required to fill in a consultation form to make sure it is safe to proceed with the massage. You will be asked to describe what treatment you have received (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc.), including any medication that you have been prescribed. It is important to let me know if you have had any lymph nodes removed and if there is any risk of lymphoedema. Treatments are advertised as 30 or 60 minutes but timings can be flexible if the you are feeling particularly fatigued for example. We will establish during the consultation where you wish to be massaged. This may be influenced by sites of surgery or tumors, or simply the position that is most comfortable for you to lie down. You will be positioned in whatever way is most comfortable and will receive your treatment with some nourishing organic massage oil (free from any essential oils). At the end of the treatment you will be given your aftercare advice.

Anyone with a history of cancer. You may still be undergoing treatment or you may have completed your course of treatment long ago. The primary goal of this massage is relaxation. Cancer treatment is an emotional process, and those undergoing it can be subject to mental strain. Some gentle massage can provide some much needed relief and allow the body to relax. Even if you are a recovered cancer patient, gentle massage is still recommended, and you are advised to avoid deep tissue work. Oncology massage is offered as a therapy that is complementary to the cancer treatments prescribed by your oncologist. It assists with the side-effects of these treatments, not the cancer itself. For more information about Oncology Massage, read my blog post.

Anyone with a history of cancer should always advise their doctor if they intend to seek massage therapy. Please be aware that there are certain instances where it may not be appropriate to receive a massage. Please refer to the Contraindications page to see if any of your medical conditions fall within this group. It may be that I require written permission from your GP. This is essential to avoid disappointment at the time of your appointment as I will not be able to proceed with the treatment if you have a contraindicated condition and no written permission.
Specifically, any limbs affected by lymphoedema will not be massaged as they require specialist treatment. Massage will also not be given if there is any potential deep vein thrombosis; on sites of tumors; on areas being treated with radiotherapy; or around medical devices. In addition, massage will not be given in instances of kidney conditions; conditions where the client has a loss of sensation, including neuropathy or post-surgery trauma where nerves have been damaged; any disease where there is nerve damage; clients taking anti-coagulants (in which case a doctor's permission will be required); any cardio-vascular conditions (doctor's permission required); fever; infectious diseases; recent stroke; severe haemophilia; and pregnancy (during first trimester).