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Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage Thai Foot Massage

A staple of traditional Thai medicine for thousands of years, this lovely treatment is perfect for tired legs and feet in need of some TLC. This massage is a little more vigorous than a Swedish foot massage, with greater focus on mobilisation of the joints. It also incorporates elements of traditional Thai medicine, such as reflexology applied with a Rosewood stick. Leaves tired legs and feet revitalised while the organic oil softens the skin.

If it is your first visit you will be required to fill in a consultation form to make sure it is safe to proceed with the treatment. You will then be invited to sit back and relax as your feet are massaged with organic oils. The treatment will include some reflexology applied with a Rosewood Thai foot stick. Once the treatment is complete you will be given some after care advice.

Anyone at all. Thai foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that can be enjoyed by anybody. Sore feet that are on the move all day will certainly appreciate this treatment, as will stiff legs resulting from sedentary desk jobs.

There are certain instances where it is inadvisable to have a massage, or where seeking your GPs permission before your appointment will be necessary. Please refer to the Contraindications page to see if any of your medical conditions fall within this group. This is essential to avoid disappointment at the time of your appointment as I will not be able to proceed with the treatment if you have a contraindicated condition and no written permission from your GP.
There are some conditions for which Thai Foot Massage will be inappropriate, such as Athlete's Foot, or Verrucas. This is simply to avoid spreading the infection on your feet or to other clients. This treatment is not suitable for people with a history of cancer.
This treatment involves massage to the feet and lower legs (up to the knee), so you will either be asked to remove items of clothing covering this region, or you can turn up with loose fitting trousers that can be rolled above the knee.